JPEGmini Pro Video Support Feature

JPEGmini is now equipped to handle not only image optimization but also video compression. Here's what you need to know:

Currently Supported Video Formats:

  • Video: H.264/AVC
  • Audio: AAC, encapsulated in MP4, M4V, or MOV containers

Upcoming Support:

  • HEVC video format (stay tuned!)

Benefits of Video Support:

  • Retain video quality while substantially reducing the file size.
  • Users can expect up to a 50% reduction in video file sizes.

How to Use the Video Support Feature:

  1. Simply drag and drop your video files or folders directly onto the JPEGmini icon or its interface to initiate the optimization process.
  2. JPEGmini allows simultaneous processing of both video and image files.
  3. As your video files are being optimized, a bar will display the progress.