If you've made it to this page, that means you have received one of our six error messages when trying to optimize your photos. No worries, we're here to explain why you received that specific error message and how it can be resolved. 

The following are the error messages:

  • "No photos were optimized because none of the files presented were JPEG files"

    JPEGmini can only optimize JPEG images. If you are working with other file formats, such as RAW, PNG, etc., please convert the images to JPEG and try optimizing them again.

    You may also receive this error message if your images are not in sRGB format. Other color spaces, such as YCbCrK or CMYK, etc. are not supported. 
  • "None/Some of the photos were optimized because their resolution is not supported" 

    You will receive this error message if some or all of the images exceed the megapixel limit set by JPEGmini. JPEGmini Pro can optimize photos up to 128MP.

    Just to clarify, the difference between Megabyte (MB) and Megapixel (MP) is Megapixels are the tiny points of colors that compose an image, while megabytes are the 0s and 1s used to store information.
  • "None/Some of the photos were optimized because they were locked" 

    The images you are trying to optimize cannot be optimized and replaced because they are marked as locked or the file permissions are not sufficient.

    If you are trying to put a .zip folder into JPEGmini that would make the folders locked. If that's the case, unzip the folder and then drag those images into JPEGmini. 

    How to unlock your photos:

    If you're on a Mac: 

    1. Select the image in the finder
    2. Choose File->Get Info
    3. In the "General" section of the Get Info window, make sure the "Locked" checkbox is unchecked
    4. In the "Sharing & Permissions" section (bottom) of the Get Info window, makes sure it says "Read & Write" next to your name under "Privilege"
    5. If this doesn't help, perform the same procedure for the folder enclosing the image

    If you're on a PC:

    1. The file is locked because it is used by another program. If this is the case, try to close all other applications and try optimizing again. 

    2. The file is read only. If this is the case, you will need to change the file properties by removing the read only property. 

  • "All photos have already been optimized by JPEGmini" 

    This error message is shown only if all the photos you have chosen have already been optimized by JPEGmini. We want to make sure your photos are unharmed, as we take photo quality very seriously.

    However, if there were JPEGmini optimized photos found in the batch of photos you are trying to optimize, JPEgmini will skip over those images and only optimize the photos that were not optimized. No worries, you won't receive an error message. 
  • "None of the photos could be optimized by JPEGmini" or "Some photos were not optimized because of an error" 

    This is shown in a case of corrupted image files or if recompressing the file resulted in a file which is bigger than the original. Due to our quality detector, we cannot optimize these files since there would be a chance an artificial artifact may be introduced to the image. We care about image quality and would never want to harm a photo.