Once you've downloaded the JPEGmini plugin-in please follow these steps to install the JPEGmini plug-in into Lightroom:

1. Double click on the JPEGminiLightroomPlugin_1.0.4.1.exe or copy the file jpegmini.lrplugin to your hard drive

2. Open Lightroom and select File > Plug-in Manager

3. Click the "Add" button below the plug-in list

4. Locate the jpegmini.lrplugin on your hard drive, select it and click “Select Folder” (it should be under: Local Disk > Program Files (x86) > ICVT > JPEGminiLightroomPlugin)

To activate the license for your JPEGmini plug-in, perform the following steps:

1. In the Lightroom Plug-in Manager window, select "JPEGmini"

2. Enter your activation code in the field at the top of the Plug-in manager window

3. Click “Activate”

4. After a short wait the plug-in will be activated and the label will change to "Activated"

3.Press ‘Done’