To install the JPEGmini plug-in into Capture One, perform the following steps:

  1. Double-click JPEGmini.coplugin - Capture One will launch and display a successful installation message.
  2. Click "Show Settings" and Capture one will show the JPEGmini Capture one plug-in settings in the preferences window.

  3. Enter your activation code in the "Activation code" field and press "Activate". 

Using the Capture One Plug-in 

There are two ways to use the plug-in, via the Publish menu or as an "Open With" action.
  1. Select one or more images in the browser or viewer.
  2. Choose Image->Publish->Export with JPEGmini (you can also right-click the image/s and choose Publish->Export with JPEGmini).
  3. Choose a location to export the images to by clicking the [...] button next to the "Export Path". Once you've decided, JPEGmini for Capture One will remember your selection so you don't need to repeat this step unless you want to change the export location.
  4. You can make other changes to your export by changing the settings in the "Basic", "Adjustments" and other tabs.
  5. Click "Publish".
  6. Once successful, a notification will pop-up summarising your savings. Click the "Show" button to reveal the export location.

Open With

JPEGmini for Capture one can be integrated into Process Recipe allowing you to optimize your images as the final stage in a recipe.
  1. Choose the images you wish to process.
  2. Choose "JPEG" in the "Format" popup menu of the "Process Recipe" panel.

  3. Adjust the other settings as you see fit.
  4. Choose "Optimize with JPEGmini".
  5. Click "Process" in the "Process Summary" panel or right-click the image/s and choose Process in the contextual menu.